Subject Verb Agreement Exercises 6Th Grade

When it comes to proper grammar, subject-verb agreement is fundamental. This concept is especially important for sixth-graders to master as they continue to develop their language skills. In this article, we will explore some useful exercises to help sixth-graders understand and practice subject-verb agreement.

1. Identify the Subject and Verb

The first step toward understanding subject-verb agreement is identifying the subject and verb in a sentence. Have your sixth-graders practice identifying the subject and verb in a variety of sentences. For example, “The dog runs in the park,” the subject is “dog,” and the verb is “runs.”

2. Singular and Plural Nouns

Once your students can identify the subject and verb in a sentence, the next step is to differentiate between singular and plural nouns. Remind your students that singular nouns require singular verbs, while plural nouns require plural verbs. For example, “The dog runs in the park” is correct, while “The dog run in the park” is not.

3. Agreement with Compound Subjects

Compound subjects are more complex than singular and plural nouns, but they still require proper subject-verb agreement. Remind your students that when there is a compound subject in a sentence, the verb must agree with the subject closest to it. For example, “The dog and cat run in the park” is correct, while “The dog and cat runs in the park” is incorrect.

4. Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs can pose a challenge to many sixth-graders, but it’s important to learn them to ensure proper subject-verb agreement. Encourage your students to memorize the most common irregular verbs, like “is,” “are,” “have,” and “do.”

5. Subject-Verb Agreement in Questions

Subject-verb agreement still applies in questions, but it can be trickier to get right. Remind your students to pay attention to the subject when forming questions. For example, “Has the dog run in the park?” is correct, while “Has the dog runs in the park?” is not.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to mastering subject-verb agreement is practice. Have your students practice writing and speaking sentences with proper subject-verb agreement. You can also provide them with worksheets and exercises that focus on this grammar concept.

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is a fundamental component of proper grammar that sixth-graders should master. With regular practice and exposure to various exercises, your students can become confident and proficient in their ability to form grammatically correct sentences.